Safely lower your cholesterol – understanding Cholestyramine

Cholestyramine, aka Prevalite, Questran, Questran Light, and Olestyr, is an oral drug that’s historically been prescribed to treat high cholesterol. Cholestyramine helps to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is often considered the harmful type of cholesterol. Cholestyramine is also used to treat itching that may occur when the bile ducts in the gallbladder are blocked. It is also used to treat diarrhea when bile acid is not being properly absorbed. Also, if you have had exposure to mold, Cholestyramine can be used to help shuttle mold toxins from bile out of the body.

Cholestyramine at BioDesign Wellness Center

Cholestyramine is a binder that can remove mold and other ubiquitous toxins from the body. A binder works like a magnet that attracts and then binds tiny toxins out through the intestines. If we fail to bind and remove these small toxins that are acquired from our environmental exposure, they are reabsorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, making their way back to the liver and cells of the body, resulting in changes to DNA and systemic inflammation.

At BioDesign Wellness, we see the use of prescription Cholestyramine — as well as natural binders such as charcoal, bentonite clay, and fiber — to be a safe and effective treatment for detoxification, especially when you are shown to have mold toxins in your urine and symptoms of mold illness or other environmentally acquired illness, such as red tide, tick bites, and certain spider bites. For some patients, Cholestyramine is needed to bind specific mold toxins. In others, no prescription is needed, and natural binders are effective.

Through consultation and lab testing, together we can make an informed decision about which toxin binding treatment to pursue. Commonly, we will start with natural binders, and if needed, add in a prescription binder like Cholestyramine.

Each patient requires a specific protocol that is suited to their sensitivities and current health condition. By taking an individualized approach, we help to ensure you have a pleasant experience throughout the detoxification treatment while symptoms are alleviated.

Our Approach to Your Health and Well-being

1. Discover

Together we will meet to discuss your health goals so that we, as practitioners, can design a personalized plan to help you achieve those goals. We will also use comprehensive lab testing such as hormones, vitamin levels and brain testing to discover the root cause of your symptoms. Addressing the root cause is key to being able to create long-lasting results.

2. Restore

In this phase, our practitioners design a personalized plan for you based the 5 Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Fitness, Gut Health, Stress Management & Hormones). Addressing all five pillars is the best way to achieve long-lasting results. The first step is a detox, which every person needs in order to allow their body to fully be available to heal itself. Then, based on your goals and lab results, our medical team will guide you one-on-one or virtually through each additional step of your plan to ensure you have all the support you need. We will not only help you resolve your chronic health issues, but we will remove the confusion that is out there about how to truly live a healthy life.

3. Optimize

Now that the foundation for your health has been repaired, it’s time to fine-tune your plan in order to sustain your results. The process starts with follow-up lab tests so we can evaluate how to fine-tune your treatment plan. This often includes the reduction of old medications, adding in revitalizing hormones and creating a healthy lifestyle plan that allows you to sustain your results for a lifetime. You will be empowered with the tools and support from our team to help you become the best version of yourself, so you can live a healthier and happier life!

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