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Meet Your Medical Team

We believe happiness begins with having your health, and that, when you prioritize your health, everything else improves. Our medical team is here to help you do just that.

Dr. Winston Cope M.D.

Dr. Winston Cope, M.D. began his career with a focus on internal medicine and opthamology. This focus equipped him to treat the body as a whole, rather than narrowing in on individual functions. As medical director of BioDesign Wellness, Dr. Cope helps the team diagnose underlying causes so that each practice members’ wellness journey goes beyond masking symptoms and becomes about lasting health.

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Jimmy Barker, Founder & CEO

The founder of BioDesign Wellness, Jimmy saw status-quo healthcare repeatedly fail his loved ones and patients, draining them of hope that they would ever feel good again. He founded BioDesign to renew their hope and give practice members a much-needed path to lasting wellness.

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Rachel Hensler, MMS, PA-C

Aesthetic Practitioner

Chrissie Skelton

Office Manager

Phyllis McKinnon

Wellness Director

Cierra Gritzinger, CCMA, CPT

Head Medical Assistant