At BioDesign Wellness Center, we offer patients a comprehensive healthcare team that is committed to health and happiness. And, unlike most other healthcare practices, we focus on identifying the underlying root causes of your health concerns — and once we properly identify what’s going on, we guide you with a custom plan for successful healing, recovery, and sustained health.

How exactly we do that depends on who you are, where you are in life’s journey, and what brought you to our Tampa functional medicine clinic in the first place.

For example, we often work with women who are struggling with the challenges of menopause and the difficult journey of hormonal imbalance. Focusing on helping women balance their hormones and thrive through menopause and beyond is one thing that sets us apart from other healthcare practices.

Regardless of why you choose us, our focus on identifying the underlying causes of your health concerns is unwavering. Our approach to healthcare — which can best be explained by what we’ve coined Discover, Restore, and Optimize — is another “what we do” that you should know about. Here’s how it works:

Discover: Together we meet to discuss your health objectives so that we, as healthcare practitioners, can design a personalized plan to help you achieve those objectives. We use comprehensive lab testing that focuses on hormones, vitamin levels, and brain testing to discover the root cause of your symptoms. Addressing the root cause is key to being able to create long-lasting results.

Restore: In this phase, our practitioners design a personalized plan for you based on BioDesign’s 5 Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Fitness, Gut Health, Stress Management, and Hormones). Addressing all five pillars is the best way to achieve long-lasting results.

Optimize: Now that the foundation for your health has been restored, it’s time to fine-tune your plan to sustain your results. The process starts with follow-up lab tests so we can evaluate how to fine-tune your treatment plan. This often includes reducing old medications, adding revitalizing hormones, and creating a healthy lifestyle plan that enables you to maintain optimal health and fitness for the rest of your life.

Discover, Restore, and Optimize empowers our patients with the tools and support from our team to help you become the best version of yourself, so you can live a healthier and happier life!

Finally, our clinic provides Functional Medicine solutions for a variety of conditions, including mold toxicity illnesschronic pain problems and issues with memory loss. If you don’t know what’s causing your health problems, chances are we can figure it out.

We also offer a wide range of popular aesthetics treatments, such as cosmetic BotoxJuvederm, and Kybella, to help you look your best. Our team understands your need to look great and can guide you toward the solution that is right for you.

No matter what’s slowing you down or bringing discomfort to your life, we’re here to help you find the right path to success. Don’t settle for symptom relief, which only masks the underlying causes and allows illness to worsen over time. Here at BioDesign, we dig deep to identify and treat the root causes of whatever is ailing you. And, of course, we work closely with you to restore optimal health.

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