Ipamorelin Hormone Therapy has women in Tampa, Fl, looking and feeling great at midlife and beyond!

HGH Therapy with peptides such as ipamorelin can be a great alternative to traditional growth hormone therapy for many patients. Human growth hormone or HGH is a very critical hormone to your health and wellbeing. Like other important hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, HGH levels drop as you age, resulting in a number of health issues.

HGH Therapy for Women Tampa FL

Growth hormone replacement therapy is usually used to treat women suffering from age-related growth hormone deficiency. However  Dr. Winston Cope, M.D., have come to understand how peptide therapy such as ipamorelin can be a safe and, in most cases, a more cost-effective treatment than traditional HGH replacement.

Ipamorelin belongs to a group of peptides that are known as growth hormone-releasing hormones (GHRH) or growth hormone-releasing factors (GHRF). As a group, these compounds stimulate the production and release of HGH. In patients whose HGH levels are only slightly below normal, Ipamorelin therapy may be all that is needed to restore more youthful energy, appearance, and performance!

“For those who qualify, Ipamorelin could be a lower-cost alternative to growth hormone therapy.”


HGH therapy with peptides such as ipamorelin can be very beneficial to perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women who are suffering from symptoms such as sexual health issues, bone loss, and cognitive difficulties, which are often due to the loss of HGH!

Often we combine our menopause treatments with HGH peptide therapy.

HGH peptide therapy such as ipamorelin has been shown to provide:

  • Improved libido and better sexual performance
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Stronger and healthier bones
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • Increased ability to burn fat and build muscle
  • Improved memory and cognition
  • Return of an overall sense of health and wellbeing

Growth hormone therapies are a widely accepted way to treat the negative effects of menopause and, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association, are most effective when started at the onset of menopause.


HGH therapy with peptides like ipamorelin works by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce and release more HGH. Ipamorelin belongs to a group of bodily chemicals collectively known as “secretagogues.” A secretagogue is so named because it stimulates the secretion of other chemicals or hormones. In the case of ipamorelin, it belongs to the group of secretagogues, also known as growth hormone-releasing hormones (GHRH) or growth hormone-releasing factors (GHRF).

Simply put, ipamorelin stimulates the production and release of HGH.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Age-Related HGH Deficiency in Women?

In addition to the hot flashes and night sweats typical of women going through menopause, perimenopausal or menopausal women who may also have a growth hormone deficiency may experience:

HGH Therapy for Women Tampa FL

  • Insomnia
  • Dryness and thinning of the skin and particularly of the vaginal area
  • Weight gain, particularly belly fat
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of ability to build muscle
  • Weakened immune response
  • Diminished sex drive and loss of sensitivity to stimulation
  • Hair Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Forgetfulness that may include an increase of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depression and other mood changes
  • Symptoms also include the potential loss of bone density and increased risk of heart disease.

HGH therapy with peptides for women can reduce or eliminate most, if not all, of these symptoms so that women can continue to enjoy life before, during, and after menopause

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Ipamorelin Therapy for Women?

For women with HGH levels only slightly below normal, you can expect significant results from ipamorelin therapy. Since the purpose of ipamorelin is to increase the production of HGH, generally speaking, women who qualify for HGH therapy with peptides should see the same or very similar results as growth hormone replacement therapy. These include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Lean Muscle
  • Improved Bone Health
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Improved Moods
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Skin Health

We Take a Different Approach to Hormone Therapies for Women

BioDesign Wellness is the Tampa area’s premier facility for hormone replacement therapies for women. Our unique treatment plans, such as HGH therapy with peptides, have been designed to deliver the safest and most cost-effective treatment for each patient. Our unique approach to restoring proper hormone balance can reduce or eliminate most, if not all, of the most debilitating symptoms of age-related hormone loss so that women can continue to enjoy life before, during, and after menopause.

Don’t let a hormone imbalance slow you down, impact your intimacy, or otherwise keep you from enjoying all of the things you love about life! Call our Tampa-based hormone specialists today, and learn how HGH therapy with peptides like ipamorelin can help you.

Common Questions About Menopause and Ipamorelin and HGH Peptide Therapy?

Ipamorelin is a prescription version of a substance naturally produced by your body known as a human growth hormone-releasing hormone or growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRH or GHRF). GHRFs like ipamorelin stimulate the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.
Patients who are exhibiting signs of age-related growth hormone deficiency but may not require HGH replacement to bring their levels back into the normal range are the ideal candidates for Ipamorelin therapy.
In patients that qualify, HGH therapy with peptides such as ipamorelin is a safe yet more cost-effective solution than growth hormone replacement therapy.
Yes, ipamorelin therapy and HGH therapy can be used together, and they often are. HGH injections can raise growth hormone levels relatively quickly. However, it is kind of an "artificial" boost, if you will. Your levels will increase, but HGH injections alone do nothing to "tell" your body to increase your natural output of HGH. However, if you combine HGH therapy with ipamorelin, not only are you getting the immediate boost in HGH in the blood, you are also “retraining” your pituitary gland to produce and maintain a higher output of HGH.
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