We get to the root of complex, chronic health conditions through discovering and correcting underlying causes.

You know your body. So when doctors say your test results are “normal,” and you still have chronic, life-draining symptoms, it’s frustrating and discouraging.

That’s where functional medicine comes in.

The journey from poor health to living well starts with understanding You.

  • Your daily routines, habits, patterns
  • Your typical diet
  • Your home and work environments
  • Your particular stressors
  • Your previous medical findings
  • Your travels

Then, we form a plan designed to uncover interrelated and underlying causes. It may include neurotransmitter testing, diet adjustments, blood work, and other health assessments—whatever’s necessary to find out what’s really causing your symptoms.

Once we know what’s making you sick, we customize a treatment plan that takes all of you into account. Making adjustments to how you eat, sleep, and live can itself be stressful, so we work with you to help you find a way to make your healthy lifestyle one you (and your family) can embrace.

Feel good again.

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