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Functional medicine testing helps to take out the guesswork when dentifying what is wrong with your health – this can help to get you
on the correct treatment plan for faster results.

Functional medicine testing focuses on identifying the underlying cause so that we are not just treating symptoms, or getting short term results.

If you need help with interpretation of your test results OR you are not sure where to start with testing to help you get your
health back on track – Schedule a Consultation and I can help get you on the right track.

Tests and Packages

Order GI-MAP Test

Assess pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, parasite and yeast infections, and viral infections

Assess beneficial bacteria and dysbiosis markers

Testing for leaky gut, inflammation, digestive enzymes and other intestinal health markers

Order DUTCH Test

Comprehensive assessment of the adrenal and sex hormones

Additional Organic Acid markers

We can ship the DUTCH test world-wide

Order Organic Acids Test

Assesses mitochondria function, fatty acid metabolism and neurotransmitter metabolites

Assesses nutrient deficiencies and detox markers

Assesses candida, yeast and dysbiosis markers

Order SIBO Test

The SIBO breath test can help you understand the type of SIBO you have

Testing helps to give you a specific treatment plan to address your symptoms

SIBO is the number one cause of IBS

Order IBS Test

Testing helps to identify the cause of your digestive symptoms

Get help with a treatment plan to help you overcome IBS

We offer a number of different digestion tests

Order Extensive Thyroid Test

Get a detailed assessment of all of your thyroid hormones

Track thyroid antibodies to assess Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Schedule a consultation to help guide you on a treatment plan and understand your results

Order Comprehensive
Test Packages

Take a deep dive into your pathology results

Ideal for people who are trying to optimize their health

Schedule a consultation to get a deep understanding of your results

Order Mycotoxin Test

Assess for 11 different pathogenic mold species

Understand if mycotoxins are contributing to your health issues

Prices are for the U.S – if your in a different country contact us for a quote

Order GPL-Tox Profile

GPL-TOX screens for 172 different environmental pollutants using 18 different metabolites

Environmental toxins are a major cause to chronic health issues

Get help with a customized detox plan to reduce your toxin levels

IgG Food Allergy + Candida

Assess for Candida albicans and 93 foods that can cause physical or mental symptoms

Ideal for people with chronic diseases (IBS, autism, etc)

Get help with the customized elimination diet plan and treatment