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BioDesign Wellness Center Has Joined the Blogosphere

With this initial post, we here at BioDesign Wellness Center welcome you to our new blog, which we expect will evolve into a valuable source of information about functional medicine and integrative healthcare in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

If you’re already familiar with BioDesign, we think you’ll appreciate the fact that we now have a blog of our own — a place where we can demonstrate our commitment to educating patients and others pursuing answers and solutions to chronic health issues or who simply want to lead healthier lives.

Passion for blogging
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

And by educate, we mean this: There is so much confusion and conflicting information out there about medicine and healthcare that people are understandably miffed. If you’re anything like the patients who arrive at our practice by way of a conventional medical organization, you don’t know what to believe or who to turn to with your questions and concerns.

At BioDesign, we help you understand and resolve the underlying cause of your health condition instead of just treating symptoms. We work to help you take control of your health and not just rely on medication and temporary fixes for your symptoms.

Tampa Needs More Functional Medicine Providers

Statistics for the Greater Tampa Bay Area show that as many as 70 percent of our residents live day to day with a chronic health condition. One in four of us suffers more than one chronic condition. What we see from our perspective as health providers is this:

Many of our patients say they are actively seeking an alternative to the conventional medicine practiced in most doctors’ offices today. Why is that? Because they have tried conventional treatment methods and have found them lacking.

This disillusionment provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate how functional medicine and integrative healthcare are different from traditional healthcare — and by “different,” we mean better and, in some cases, complimentary.

Read our Blog

Over the weeks and months to come, we plan to publish blog posts of an educational nature on a variety of health topics, including the following:

    • Understanding your blood test results
    • Detoxing yourself — and your home — from mold
    • Information related to stem cell treatments
    • Posts about Leaky Gut Syndrome, Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and more
    • Information on new services we’ll be offering
    • Team member profiles
    • Rundowns on health news that matters to Tampaians

We’ll be publishing posts once or twice a week, and we welcome comments, questions, and personal experiences shared through each post’s Commenting feature. In addition, we want to hear from you about what you’d like to see on our blog.

We believe our posts will spark your interest and make you want to make us a regular read when it comes to health issues, which is why we’re using Feedburner to deliver post summaries right to your email Inbox. To subscribe, enter your email address in the secure box at the top of the right-hand column you see on this page.

Again, thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to recommend a topic or two for us to blog about, please click on the “Comments” link below.