According to a 2013 study published in The Journal of the Polish Biochemical Society, for the 10 years spanning 2003 to 2013, candida yeast infections (a type of fungal infection) increased by a factor of 15. And while conventional medicine practitioners have long recognized candida infection as a condition that requires treatment, the role that candida overgrowth plays in the development of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases has remained largely unnoticed. As a result, many patients continue to suffer from a wide variety of chronic health conditions unnecessarily. Even more alarming is the simple fact that most patients are never even tested for candida overgrowth. What Conventional Medical Doctors Know About Candida Candida overgrowth gets much more press in the context of alternative medicine than it does in conventional medicine, so it’s often thought of as outside the mainstream. However, conventional medicine doctors do recognize the role it plays in a […]