What do Rita Hayworth, Perry Como, Norman Rockwell, Rosa Parks, and Sandra Day O’Connor all have in common? Aside from being household names who made their mark on society, each suffered from a diagnosis of Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia is a syndrome (a symptom cluster) characterized by a decline in cognitive function (thinking and memory) beyond the degree associated with normal aging. Although it affects mostly older people — at least count, 50 million people worldwide — it is not a normal part of aging and is certainly not inevitable. Even better news for those experiencing cognitive decline and their family members and caregivers is that dementia can be prevented, and now, based on new research and clinical trials, it even reversed with proper interventions when started early enough. Symptoms of Dementia Symptoms of dementia are commonly broken down into the following three stages, as presented by the World Health […]