COVID-19 is persistent in more ways than one. What some people initially believed would be a 15-day lockdown is now well into a second year. According to current statistics, the world has recorded more than 190 million confirmed cases resulting in more than four million deaths. Of those, the U.S. claims more than 34 million confirmed cases resulting in more than 609,000 deaths. In our state of Florida, we’ve had nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases resulting in slightly fewer than 39,000 deaths. Most of those infected experience mild to moderate symptoms and fully recover within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, about 10 percent of those infected — even those with only mild or no symptoms initially, suffer long after the usual two-week recovery period and even after they’ve tested negative for the virus. These “long haulers” commonly experience one or more of the following symptoms, some of which can be […]