Over the Fourth of July weekend, it is estimated that Americans will consume 150 million hot dogs, 700 million pounds of chicken, and 190 million pounds of beef. They’ll spend over $1 billion on beer and another $568 million on wine. That doesn’t account for the number of soft drinks, chips, crackers, and tasty desserts that will be consumed over the long holiday weekend. Celebrating the holidays with family and friends and sharing snacks, meals, desserts, and beverages of all kinds are great ways to relax, release tension, and rejuvenate our minds. But depending on what we eat and drink, and how much, and what we do before and after, a long party weekend can take its toll on the body. To make the holidays healthier, we recommend a few ways to prepare your body for any overindulgences, moderate your consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages, recover any ground lost […]