If you experience any symptoms characteristic of low cortisol levels — such as abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, depression, irritability, or muscle weakness — you may have been diagnosed (or you may have diagnosed yourself) as having adrenal fatigue, HPA axis dysfunction, or some other adrenal disorder. In this post, we present and describe a variety of health conditions related to the adrenal gland, some of which may be caused by dysfunction upstream of the adrenal. With a greater understanding of the adrenal gland and dysfunctions that impact the adrenal, our hope is that anyone with symptoms of an adrenal disorder seeks out a professional medical diagnosis, like those offered here at BioDesign Wellness — the Tampa Functional Medicine practice — to find out what is really going on rather than try to self-medicate with adrenal support supplements. Adrenal fatigue In 1998, chiropractor James Wilson coined the term “adrenal fatigue.” He […]